We are about the conversion of  your existing vehicle (be it a classic or just a vehicle you love) into a plug in hybrid.

The advantages in a shortlist are :

1. You can act now in favor of the planet, reduce polution right away. There is often a desire to "go electric", but with the price of Electric Vehicles starting at 30,000 Euro's and an average radius of 165 km, the lack of funds and charging points are too much of an obstacle. 

2. No restrictions to access cities, you drive in electric mode. An Electric Vehicles gives you access to all LEZ (Low-emission zone) and also the ZEZ (Zero-emission zones). However, in the case of trans-hybrids (those vehicles that have both a combustion engine and an electric drive that operate independently) some governments feel they have to restrict access to these vehicles as they MIGHT make use of the conbustion engine. A fierce persuasion battle between trans-hybrid owners and these governments is presently taking place. Luckily, more and more governments understand that if one goes through the trouble of installing a working ELECTRIC DRIVE, it is with the intention of using it to help reduce emissions. Also, how can a government impose a full electric conversion when the LEZ and ZEZ area combined of any country in Europe are no more then 0.005 % of the roads on the one hand, and the number of gas stations along main roads where one can also "charge on the way" is 0.1% (the Netherlands) to 0.001 % (France) of all available gas stations, sometimes even imposing incredible detours and endless waiting when charging.

3. You can still use your vehicle when countries will implement a partial ban on emission vehicles. Since the battery pack will dertermine the kms of your radius, you know increase this as you go. This spreads the investment, makes you take advantage of improved battery technology and lowering prices and weight, and lets you fine tune your battery needs to your personal situation. For example, if you live in a city, and you need your car only for usage in the city, then let your radius 50 km reflect your needs. 

4. You keep the original engine (which forms a large part of the characteristics of your vehicle).  Drivers who love their car can keep it in its original condition eventhough an electric drive is added. "Oh look at that cute little British Leyland Mini engine!"

5. Because your vehicle becomes a hybrid, you do not solly depend on electricity to reach your destination. Second hand vehicles tend to be less reliable then new cars, however, with this extra electric drive, the vehicle basically has 2 motors, making it VERY RELIABLE.

6. The modifications can all be reversed if at some time you want to bring your classic back to its original condition, as the changes are minor. Because the added electrive drive replaces components without major changes to your vehicle, the process can also easily be inverted, for those who worry about the value of their collector's item.

7. Planned Obsolecence in the automotive industry: What is this? It is the strategy of businesses to make  something that you will not be able to use in a certain number of years or after a certain distance (km). It will break down, or components of it will break down. I believe this is the biggest threat to environment and the biggest scam towards consumers. As long as Planned Obsolecence is still legal in most countries (but luckily illegal in France!!!) [https://www.halteobsolescence.org/rejoignez-nous/], it makes good common sense not to buy new products that are built following this principal but to transform existing products that are not conceived along those principles.

The cost start at 5000 euro's (less for motorcycles). The bigger the battery pack, the higher the cost, so your wish determines the final cost. The low radius keeps the price low, which makes the step of going electric a rather small one. NO BIG BARRIORS. Gradually, as batteries get better cheaper and lighter, one can add on through the years for higher autonomy/radius.

Interested? Write us an email at EV123go@gmail.com and we will get back to you with a plan or a quote. We also want to know your thoughts on the matter, your ideas, pro's and cons. WRITE !

EMAIL: EV123GO@gmail.com

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The trans-hybridification of the Citroen 2CV.  Add electric drive on the rear wheels   Iniciated: 2016-JAN THE NETHERLANDS

Project 2: The trans-hybridification of the Honda Wave motorcycle.  Add electric drive on the rear wheel.  Iniciated: 2017-APR.  THAILAND



There are many kinds of hub motors. We believe it is the best solution for trans-hybrids.


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